This Extension Head transform your Atlas 600 Pro TTL flash into a boom friendly light. It can be used together with softboxes, beauty-dishes and umbrellas but it will also perfectly fit Atlas Pro standard reflector. Thanks to Extension Head mounting light overhead your model is safer and allows you to obtain many different light scenarios. When there is a need to hand-held light for different lighting effects, Extension Head comes in handy (flash unit can be stowed into shoulder bag for greater comfort).

Extension Head is easy to use. All you have to do is to unplug flashtube module from your Atlas 600 Pro TTL body and replace it with the Extension Head plug. After that connect the flashtube with the corresponding socket on Extension Head and that’s it – you are ready to go!





  • Adds 180cm of extension from the Atlas 600 Pro TTL body
  • Can be used with various light modifiers (load capacity up to 3 kg)
  • 180° of tilt adjustment for better light positioning
  • Equipped with 38W LED modeling light
  • Compatible with the Bowens type mount light modifiers
  • Integrated umbrella holder
  • Solid all-metal smooth action tripod mount for high durability



Model Quadralite Atlas Pro FH600 Remote Head
Product type Extension Head
Product type Extension Head
Max energy output 600Ws
Type LED
Max. power 30 W
Color Temperature 4800 K
CRI/TLCI 90/93
Operating temperature range +10ºC to +40ºC
Light modifier mount Bowens
Cord lenght 1.8m
Max load 3kg
Length x Height x Width 210x150x130mm
Weight 1.4kg




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