It is a flash head that allows energy fusing of two Atlas 600 or Atlas 600 TTL lamp bodies and gaining total power of 1200 Ws. The head works well when an extremely strong source of light is needed outdoors. In addition, it facilitates work with booms and booms thanks to the fact that the cable has a total length of almost 2.5 meters.

Atlas FH1200 is equipped with a Bowens modifier mount and can be used along with various accessories, e.g. softboxes, reflectors or umbrellas. To use the flash energy of 1200 Ws, you must have not only the head but also two Atlas 600 lamps and an Atlas FT1200 flash burner (these products are available separately).





Product features

  • compatible with the Quadralite Atlas 600, Atlas 600 TTL lamps and flash heads
  • can be used with many light modifiers (maximum load is 2 kg),
  • can be lean up to 180°,
  • built-in 10 W LED pilot light,
  • equipped with Bowens type mount,
  • built-in 10 W LED pilot light,



Model Quadralite Atlas FT1200
Product type Flashtube
Compatible with Atlas FH1200
Maximum flash power 1200 Ws (J)
Operating temperature range +10ºC to +40ºC
Color temperature 5600 K
vitality: ok. 100 000 flashes*
Operating conditions (temperature / humidity) -10 – +55°C / <90%
Length x height x width 98 x 105 x 54 mm
Weight 560 g

*burner food may vary depending on the mode in which the lamp is triggered, under what conditions it works, whether it has overheated, whether it is dirty, etc. The value given in this specification is only indicative and the flash burner is a consumable part consumption. It should be replaced regularly to fully use the lamp.



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