• Atlas 600 Pro TTL

    Quadralite Atlas 600 Pro TTL

    This exceptionally versatile and efficient studio flash is able to deliver lighting fast recycling times and stable output throughout the entire output range. Equipped with accurate and reliable TTL mode, this unit can be successfully used when lighting conditions are changing rapidly. The built-in Navigator X receiver allows full wireless control and triggering up to 100m. High Speed Sync is also available (up to 1/8000s).


  • Atlas Pro AC Adapter

    Quadralite Atlas Pro AC Adapter

    This exceptionally useful item allows you to use your Atlas 600 Pro TTL flash just like any other cord studio flash. Thanks to the AC Adapter, Atlas flash can be used with limitless power directly from the power grid.


  • Atlas Pro FH600

    Quadralite Atlas 400 Pro TTL

    This Extension Head transform your Atlas 600 Pro TTL flash into a boom friendly light. It can be used together with softboxes, beauty-dishes and umbrellas but it will also perfectly fit Atlas Pro standard reflector. Thanks to Extension Head mounting light overhead your model is safer and allows you to obtain many different light scenarios.


  • Atlas Pro PowerPack

    Quadralite Atlas Pro PowerPack

    This battery pack is design to work as a power source for Atlas 600 Pro TTL flashes.


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