Thea LED 260 is a lighting system designed especially for mobile applications. The light is produced by LED diodes with high color rendering index (CRI >95). The lamp generates 2200Lux (0.5m/5600K) of the highest-quality, flickering free light with the color temperature within the range of 3300~5600K.

The backside of the lamp is fitted with the control panel used to adjust brightness and color temperature.

With edge-type LED backlighting and efficient diffuser, the device produces even distribution of light across the panel's entire surface. As a result, Thea LED 260 can illuminate the scene without the unwanted effect of multiplied shadows.


Moreover, high functionality of Thea LED 260 panels should be also attributed to its small sizes and weight. The very panel weighs only 950g and is extremely thin (15 mm). It also features the mounting grip with tilt adjustment option and fast assembly mechanism. Owing to this solution, the lamp can be easily and quickly assembled on standard lighting tripods, without the need for additional accessories.

Thea LED 260 panels are power supplied by popular camera batteries, such as Sony NP-F970 (7.4V). To this end, it is also possible to use Panasonic VBG6 batteries through an additional adaptor (available separately). The set also includes the power supply unit which allows the lamp to be used in a stationary mode. Moreover, separately available Quadralite PowerPack Lx allows for the connection of Quadralite PowerPack 58 battery with the capacity of 5800mAh.



  • Maximum power <30W.
  • High color rendering index CRI > 95.
  • Color temperature of 3300~5600±300K.
  • Smooth brightness adjustment within the range of 10 – 100%.
  • Small sizes and weight.
  • Maximum luminous flux of 220Lux (0.5m/5600K).
  • No flickering effect.
  • Power supply: cheap and available 7.4V camera batteries, or PowerPack 58.
  • Intuitive control.




Quadralite Thea 260 LED Panel

Power supply (sold separately)

2x 7.4V NP-F970 lithium battery
Quadralite PowerPack 45/58*
2x Panasonic VBG6 Battery**

LED Beads Quantity


Power (Max.)


Light Brightness Range


DC Power Supply



2050Lux (0.5m/4500K)
2050Lux (0.5m/3300K)
2200Lux (0.5m/5600K)

Color Temperture

3300~5600 ±300K

Color Rendering Index




Remote Control

Quadralite Thea LED Pilot



Operation Temperature


Color Filters



360 x 240 x 27mm

Net Weight



* via Quadralite PowerPack Lx power cable for Thea LED

** via Quadralite Thea LED Panasonic VBG6 Battery Adapter


Kit includes

  • Quadralite Thea 260 LED Panel
  • Quadralite Thea LED Pilot
  • holder
  • DC adapter
  • manual



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