Quadralite Fresnel Lens Kit is a kit designed for anyone who wants to expand the capabilities of not just the Quadralite VideoLED continuous light, but also other lights equipped with a compatible mounting system.

This modifier has a Fresnel lens and dedicated accessories (barndoor and grid), which allows you to focus and modify light beam in the direction you want, which is further enhanced by using the barndoor and honeycomb grid sold with the set.



Quadralite Fresnel Lens Kit is equipped with a Bowens mount system, making it compatible with all lights equipped with the above mount.



Thanks to its small size, the set is easy to carry, and the solid performance ensures consistent and reliable results. The Fresnel lens modifier can be used alone, or with the barndoor and honeycomb grid.


Total Control Over the Light

The use of a modifier with a Fresnel lens allows for simple control of the degree of light strength, while focusing and intensifying the source light. The Fresnel Lens Kit is equipped with an additional 30-degree honeycomb grid and flags as well. Additional accessories allow for even better control over the light.






  • Ability to adjust the angle of light and full control over its spread across the scene,
  • Easy to transport and can be folded quickly,
  • Can be used separately or with barndoor or grid attached,
  • Made entirely of metal and glass, which ensures its longevity,
  • Bowens mount.


In the box

  • 1x Fresnel Lens
  • 1x Grid 30 degrees
  • 1x Flag set



Model Quadralite Fresnel Lens Kit
Product Type Continuous light modifier
Compatibility Lights with the Bowens mount
The angle of spread 17-40 degrees
Dimensions 20 x 21 x 12.5cm
Weight 1,30kg



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