We constantly develop our products to deliver new solutions, which are well received and are in high demand among our clients. Our plans for the nearest future include even stronger development. This is why we have decided to unite Quantuum brand with the family of Reporter and Stroboss flashes (which have been associated with Genesis brand) and create one, new and big brand – Quadralite. In the upcoming time we shall also release a wide range of new models of lamps and accessories, including flashes, both studio and portable flashes, with TTL flash metering and wireless control system.

Quadralite Reporter 180

For a certain period of time we will market our products under three brand names: Quantuum, Genesis and Quadralite. Therefore:

  • If you ordered any Quantuum or Genesis product, but received a product with the Quadralite logo, please rest assured that you can easily combine lamps and accessories previously sold under Quantuum/Genesis brand names with new Quadralite flashes and the other way round. They are perfectly compatible.
  • Quadralite Navigator and Quantuum/Genesis Navigator systems are still the same wireless control and trigger systems. Components of those two systems can be used alternately without compromising their full mutual compatibility.
  • Our studio lamps will be still manufactured with the Bowens type mount for accessories. You will be still able to attach softboxes with Quantuum logo to Quadralite lamps and vice versa.
  • Obligations arising from warranties as well as post-warranty services for Quantuum and Genesis equipment will be still carried out by our technical service team.

Should you have any questions related to Quadralite lighting equipment, previously sold as Quantuum and Genesis, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +48 500 833 242.

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