Light — the parameter that defines images, both static and moving images. When we take a photo, or shoot a movie, we can rely on the daylight which produces the best colors, but let us be honest — in our climate zone we do not get much light in Winter. Besides, the amount of daylight can be dramatically reduced during the day - in the case of cloudy weather for instance. The problem is particularly painful for video creators who want to shoot repetitive movies regardless the time of day. So this is when we start to think about artificial lighting, and the first thing that comes to mind is an energy-saving bulb. Its advantages mainly consist in low price, but aside from that bulbs practically have flaws only. They produce low-quality light, and the colors are not as visible as we desire. They are difficult to transport, have a delicate glass structure, and when they break, you need to clean up and ventilate your room (because bulbs emit fumes of vapor). But you can find different, much better options to bring good photo-video lighting into your home studio. Quadralite LEDTuber set is one of them.


Image Image


When using the mixed sources of house light, we obtain the effect of ugly colors, and the light is too scarce. 1/25s, f/2.8, ISO 800


Vlogging — hip subject

More and more people record their vlogs. As you can see, I am one of such persons and use the LED lighting myself. Currently, extension of a small studio for video recording is not difficult or pricey. Quadralite LEDTuber costs only PLN 545, and it includes everything what we need: two LED bulbs generating power equivalent to 750W incandescent lamp, two fittings, two transparent 85 cm umbrellas and two 180 cm high tripods. Everything is delivered in a slim, rigid cover. Affordable price combined with high-quality light and mobility transforms this kit into a truly must-have tool for all vloggers.


How to set it up?

To record a vlog, you can use the symmetric lighting, where lamps will be installed on two sides of the recording person. Face shadows will be minimized, and the filmed person properly illuminated.


Image Image


This is the most classical setup for all lamps. Vlogger is evenly illuminated, and the exposure parameters are 1/50s, f/2.8,

ISO 200, that is 3EV more light. More light equals better film quality.


In the second configuration, you use one flash to illuminate a person, whereas the second flash can be used for back (counter) lighting. With this light we will define contours of the figure and illuminate hair and background. In both situations, if you have the rest of the apartment in the background, you can turn on a standard lamp with warmer lighting. This will add some atmosphere to the recordings.


Image Image


If you record vlogs, but are not satisfied with the effects, Quadralite LEDTuber set will help to upgrade you movies up to the higher level. Remember — even using the best cameras and camcorders does not have to translate to the best effects if the set is not illuminated properly. Light is a crucial factor in both photography and film. Quadralite LEDTuber kit offers unique solution that was impossible to find on the market before — superb quality and large amount of light, portability, and exceptionally calculated price.



1. Set the white balance manually in a camera or camcorder to use the dedicated template most accurately. You will avoid discoloration and color changes during the video shoot.

2. Place the lamps close to one another — the light will be softer and more abundant. You will be able to set lower ISO value, which will increase the quality of recordings.

3. Set the manual mode — your image will not be excessively bright or dark.

4. Lock the sharpness — your image will not be out of focus.

5. Cherish the sound — tie clip microphones are particularly suitable for filming purposes, with them you will get the clear sound and minimized environment noise.


Quadralite LEDTuber


Author/Photos: Jakub Kaźmierczyk


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