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Shooting w/ Veronica Leahu

For this shooting, I was inspired by “Måneskin”, an Italian funk – rock band. It’s an idea I’ve got suddenly, as the 90% of the times. Often I like giving some space to the model’s creativity, and considering their ideas about the outfits too. I just give them a few directions about the mood and style of the set, in order to let them know which items would fit the best.

The day of the shooting, Veronica brought a pair of flare pants and a blazer, which got me struck immediately.

Rock is my favorite music genre; therefore, I got carried away by this inspirational moment. I chose to give to the photos some contrast and strength taking advantage from the hairs moving.



For this shooting, I’ve used a Quadralite Pulse Pro X 400 flash and a 85cm octabox with a honeycomb grid in order to give some contrast and direct the lightening on the subject. I located a 1m x 2m polystyrene panel to the left of the model to fill up the shadows. Still on the left side, Nicola (my assistant) was waving a reflective panel so that to create the hairs moving.

The flashes had worked perfectly, providing a high lightening quality. I’ve chosen to use especially this flash mainly for the HSS. It came in handy because of the strong sunlight that was enlightening the room. As well as Nicola there was even Lara Guerra, a great makeup artist from Padua.



Shooting w/ Giorgia Boitano

Another shooting for which I chose to use Quadralite Pulse Pro X 400 two flashes was the one with Giorgia Boitano. A very interesting shot for me is the one below. I used the first flash with only a parabolic reflector and a height of approximately 2m focused on the background, which was enlightening the right side of the model. The second flash was used with a 180cm umbrella, which is enlightening the left side of the model, filling up the shadows and decreasing the contrast of the picture.



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