The Quadralite Thea RGB 150 LED panel stands out from other products by its ability to reproduce almost any RGB colour. Thea RGB panel can connect directly to your smartphone via a dedicated Quadralite app so you can control all its settings using your smartphone. It's extremely handy when you set your lamp system high during the shoot so you won't be able to control them traditionally using the back control panel. The panel is a strong light source able to light a larger area so it can be used in multiple applications in photography or videography. It's an extremely creative tool that opens up completely new possibilities in working with continuous light.

Thanks to the possibility of working in the full RGB spectrum, the panel can display any colour, which means that you will no longer have to use cumbersome gels on the front of your lamps. Working with lighting will finally become fast, easy and intuitive. Another feature of the panel is a wide range of colour temperature control from 2800K-8000K, which is unprecedented in other similar constructions.




Thea RGB 150 LED panel has 10 predefined effects such as candlelight, monitor screen, police car lights so you can get incredibly creative effects on your films.

The panel has a built-in, metal barn-doors thanks to which you will be able to easily control the light beam to match the effect you want to achieve. They also had a protective function during transport, covering the light surface of the lamp, thus minimizing the risk of its accidental damage.

The device can be easily powered by a universal NF-P type battery or using the AC adapter (sold separately). The 1/4" mounting point is located at the bottom of the panel, equipped with a cold foot so you can easily attach it in multiple ways to the camera, rig or tripod.


More about mobile application:



Key features

  • Full RGB light spectrum,
  • The built-in soft diffusion layer,
  • High colour rendering index CRI >95,
  • Possibility of smooth adjustment of colour temperature 2800K-8000K ±300K,
  • Battery charge level indicator,
  • The large light-emitting area,
  • Stepless brightness adjustment in the range 10-100%,
  • High brightness of light emitted,
  • No flickering effect,
  • Power supply from popular, standard NP-F type batteries.


Box includes

  • Quadralite Thea RGB 150 panel LED,
  • Mounting bracket ,
  • Manual.


Technical data


Quadralite Thea RGB 150 LED

Number of LEDs


Maximum power

15 W

Brightness adjustment


Colour temperature

2800~8000 ±300K


1259 lux (0,5m)





Operating temperature range


RGB colours

Full spectrum

Case material




Mounting point

¼” thread mount and cold shoe

Mobile application

Yes, Quadralite app

Power supply

NP-F type battery or AC adapter (sold separately)

Charging current

DC 15V 3A


17,2 x 17,5 x 3,3cm


362 g



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