Quadralite Talia 400 LED panel is a light source designed for multiple applications for every video-maker of a photographer. The key feature of the Talia 400 LED panel is a compact size, lightweight construction and a multiple mount options so it can be easily attached to the tripod or light-stand. Due to the dedicated diffusion layer, this panel offers high-quality, soft studio light without any additional light modifiers.

The key feature of the Talia 400 LED panel is wide light-emitting surface, thanks to which you will be able to illuminate the object evenly, thus eliminating harsh shadows which in combination with a powerful 40W LED panel makes it for studio applications.




The light emitted by the panel guarantees true colour rendition (CRI>96) so you can be sure that everything you made has natural colours. The lamp emits a strong beam of light without flickering effect, with the ability to adjust the colour temperature in the range of 3200K-5600K (±300K) using a dedicated knob on the back of the panel. This function is extremely handy when you want to adjust the panel light to the existing light, thus achieving a coherent light on your recording.

Talia LED panel is powered by the standard AC adapter (included).



Key features

  • maximum light output of 40W,
  • high colour rendering index CRI >96,
  • smooth colour temperature adjustment 3200K-5600K±300K,
  • large light-emitting surface area,
  • stepless brightness adjustment in the range of 10-100%,
  • compact size and weight,
  • passive cooling,
  • high brightness of emitted light,
  • no flickering effect,
  • powered by the AC adapter,


Box includes

  • Quadralite Talia 400 panel LED,
  • Standard build-in light stand mount,
  • User manual.


Technical data


Quadralite Talia 400 LED

Power (maximum)

40 W

Number of LEDs


Power adjustment range


Colour temperature

3200~5600 ±300K

Photometry (without diffusion layer)

0,5m [lxs]  (Max [K] 4514, Min [K] 4830)





Operating temperature






Colour filters


Power supply

AC adapter (included in the kit)







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