The Quadralite LED Ring Light is a practical and easy-to-use light source that is perfect for recordings, photography and live transmissions. Thanks to its ring-shaped design, you can place your phone or camera in the centre, which will distribute the light perfectly smooth around the subject.

Has a built-in diffuser which makes the material you create naturally lit (without hard shadows). The colour temperature and light output can be adjusted with a remote control or a controller built into the power cord. For more creative effects, you can use creative modes such as colour wave, or specific colours from the RGB space (such as turquoise, red, magenta, green and others).




Quadralite LED Ring Light can be powered from any standard USB port (type A), which can be found in laptops, phone chargers and power banks. Comes in three sizes: 8"/ 10" and 12"


Selling Points

  • Easy to use with the built-in controller and wireless remote control,
  • The soft light emitted by the lamp is perfect for capturing both people and products,
  • Adjustable light output and colour temperature allows you to match the light to the scene,
  • Creative lighting modes allow you to show products (or other things) in an interesting way,
  • Ideal for Skype, zoom, teams and live broadcasts thanks to its compact design and soft, studio-quality light,



Product features

  • Wide RGB spectrum,
  • Adjustable brightness and colour temperature,
  • Practical and simple control via remote control or built-in controller,
  • 26 creative lighting modes such as police light, flowing rainbow, colour wave and RGB mix,
  • Lightweight and robust lamp design for easy operation,
  • The included tripod makes it easy to set the light to the recording,
  • Can be powered from the classic USB connector (type A).


Set includes

  • Quadralite LED Ring Light ,
  • Wireless remote control,
  • Tripod,
  • Phone holder (only for Panel 10" and 12"),
  • Instruction manual.


Technical data


Quadralite LED Ring Light

Power supply

Standard USB (Type A)

Number of RGB LEDs


CRI (Ra)



310 Lux 0,5m

Color temperature of white light


Frequency of wireless remote control

RF 433MHz

Range of wireless remote control


Static brightness control


Dynamic brightness control


RGB mode pattern

13 dynamic and 13 static

Off mode memory

When using wireless control, the lamp remembers the last mode, brightness and speed used. This function is unavailable for wired control.

Description of light patterns

1. Smooth rainbow RGB

2. 8-colour wave (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white & orange)

3. Green colour chase with orange background

4. Blue colour chase with green background

5. 4-color (red, green, orange & blue) chasing with intermittent white background

6. 4-color flowing in 4 segments (red, green, orange & blue)

7. mixed RGB colors

8. 4-color flowing in 2 segments (red, yellow, white & purple)

9. Police light (quick flash of red & blue)

10. 5-color transition

11. 5-color breathing

12. 1-sided blue tailing with red background

13. 1-sided green tailing with white background

14. Static red

15. Static orange

16. Static yellow

17. Static army green

18. Static green

19. Static azure

20. Static cyan

21. Static pale blue

22. Static blue

23. Static lavender

24. Static purple

25. Static pink

26. Static white

Lamp Dimension

Diameter: 8” / 10” / 12”

Thickness: 2,5cm

Tripod Dimension

Width after folding 2,7cm

Leg span at the widest point 30,5cm

Maximum tripod height 24cm

Minimum tripod height 13,5cm

Weight of lamp with cable




For information about Quadralite warranty and service please visit: Warranty.

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