Set of two snoots for Reporter flashes which allow very precise control of the light beam. These light modifiers are extremely useful in portrait and advertising photography.


Cone-shaped Snoot is generally used when a photographer wants only a small part of the scenario to be lighten, it produces a narrow stream of light creating very harsh shade lines.

It is a perfect tool to light up the hair on portrait photos. The set includes honeycomb gird, enabling one to produce even more contrasting lighting.




  • Small and portable, easy and quick to install
  • Concentrate light in a small area and highlight the product details
  • The Honeycomb generates powerful and targeted light. Border areas fade into the dark
  • Material: Aluminum alloy



Model: Quadralite Reporter Snoot and Grid
Cylindrical Snoot 40x117mm
Cylindrical Snoot 80x150mm
Weight: 110g


Kit includes

  • 1x Conical Snoot with Honeycomb
  • 1x Cylindrical Snoot with Honeycomb



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