Reporter Light-Dome is a dome-shaped diffuser intended for Reporter flashes. It evenly spreads the light spilling from a flashbulb. Owing to its unique design, the adapter emits a wave of light in the form of a hemisphere that surrounds a flash.


Reporter Light-Dome diffuser is incredibly useful when shooting in interiors and in all places, which should be evenly illuminated. It can be also used as an effect or additional light during on-location shoots.



Genesis Reporter Light-Dome is made of a milk-white, semi-transparent plastic, which does not produce any unwanted color tint. Light generated with the adapter is white and has the daylight color temperature. Thus, a flash with such diffuser may be used to balance the flash light and landscape light without any concern for discrepancies in the balance of white.



  • the diffuser is intended for Genesis Reporter 180, 360 and 360ttl flashes,
  • ensures even light spread from the flash,
  • 180° of light coverage,
  • fast assembly to a flash head through a bayonet mount.



Model: Quadralite Reporter Light-dome
Product type: Wide angle diffuser for Reporter 180, 360 and 360ttl flash
Dimensions (diameter/depth): 120x70mm
Material: Polyester/Aluminum
Weight: 90g



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