quadralite 800 powerpack MG 9539 01Quadralite 800 Powerpack is a battery pack featuring high technical quality, perfect ergonomics and large power capacity. It is a perfect solution for the power-supply for studio-class flashes outside the studio, in places without any access to the electrical grid. Quadralite 800 ensures stable supply of electricity to flashes and complies with high demands of modern flashes. The product may also be used to supply power for continuous light lamps and other electrical devices.


Quadralite DP6 battery-packBattery pack Quadralite DP-6 has been designed specially for Quadralite DP flashes. Thanks to Quadralite DP-6 battery pack, Quadralite DP flash can be used in the studio as well as in the places without mains ie. on the location.

BP-800 Additional Battery for 800 Powerpack

Quadralite BP-800 is an additional battery module for Quadralite 800 Powerpack.

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