Quadralite 800 Powerpack is a device allowing for simultaneous power-supply for several flashes at locations without access to the electrical grid. This ensures high flexibility in planning of photo-shoots, selecting interesting and unique locations which will act as the photo-shoot background and setting. The battery is efficient enough to generate approximately 150 full-power flashes when the flashes with the total output of 2000Ws are connected. Such huge power reserves and high performance of the device makes flashes charging times only a bit longer compared to the situation when they are connected to the electrical grid. This is of considerable importance with regard to the high comfort of photo shooting. With Quadralite 800 Powerpack you can use flashes with the maximum total output of 5000Ws.




The device is equipped with a wide and handy grip and is by default enclosed in a casing protecting against dust and dampness. Therefore, Quadralite 800 Powerpack may be easily and comfortably carried and transported between locations. Since the device comprises of two modules, the inverter and the battery, the drained battery may be promptly replaced with another, charged one. Moreover, the device may be also used with other, external battery (e.g. a car battery), if the need arises.


Quadralite 800 Powerpack provides AC power supply with full, sinusoidal voltage characteristics, which is extremely important not only when shooting with flashes. Owing to that feature, it can be easily used to supply power for computers, monitors and other electrical devices useful for photographers and filmmakers. The inverter module is equipped with three power outlets (AC 220-240V/50Hz) and three standard USB ports, which can be used for the power supply for other devices, including mobile phones or camera battery chargers. Quadralite 800 Powerpack may also serve as a power source for continuous light lamps. The device can efficiently feed one 100W lamp for the period of approx. 80 minutes.


Quadralite 800 Powerpack is equipped with a set of safeguards ensuring safe use of the device, including protection against the complete discharge of external battery, which is particularly important if you use a car battery. The inverter module is actively cooled by a fan and additionally fitted with the protection against overheating.



  • ensures stable AC power supply with full, sinusoidal voltage characteristics of: 220-240V/50Hz
  • efficiently powers devices with the total, constant power consumption of up to 750W
  • offers two working modes: "Flash" for supplying power to flashes and "Normal" for powering other devices
  • comes with a replaceable Li-FePO4 battery module with the capacity of 12000mAh
  • allows to take 500 full power flashes with a 600Ws flash
  • features three power outlets (AC220-240V/50Hz) and three USB ports for supplying power for mobile phones, tablets, camcorders, cameras, etc.
  • the device may be connected to an external power supply source (e.g. car battery) to extend its operation time
  • discharge level of the battery module is indicated by LED diodes
  • equipped with an active cooling system
  • supplied with the handy protective case.



Model: Quadralite 800 Batterypack
Product type:

Batterypack with inverter module for power supply of studio flashes on location

Continuous Power in Normal Mode: 750W
Peak Power in Flash Mode: 1400W
Efficiency in Flash Mode: ~500 flashes/600Ws
~400 flashes/700Ws
~150 flashes/2000Ws
Flashes Charging Time in Flash Mode: 1500Ws ~1s
3000Ws ~2-3s
5000Ws ~5s
Output Sockets: 3xAC
Input Voltage Range: 11-15,5V
Voltage/Output Frequency: 220-240V/50Hz
Voltage Characteristic: Sinusoidal, Full
Harmonic Distortion: 3%
Power Consumption in Standby Mode: 0.25A in Normal Mode
0.9A in Flash Mode
Device Performance: 91%
Battery Type: Li-FePO4
Battery's Capacity: 12Ah (12.8V)
Charging Time: 3 Hours (with 5A charger included)
Working Temperature Range: 10 – 45 Celsius Degrees
Storage Temperature Range: -30 – 70 Celsius Degrees
Power Supply: 220 – 240V / 50Hz
Fuse: 3x30A
Dimensions: 267x206x292mm
Weight (with the battery): 6.78kg



For information about Quadralite warranty and service please visit: Warranty.

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