Quadralite Solid Muslin Backdrops are made from high quality, non-reflective, seamless cotton fabric that create smooth background for photos and videos. Quadralite Muslin Backdrops are easy to use, durable and long-lasting thanks to seamless, one-piece construction and stitching on the edges. Every backdrop is equipped with special rod pocket for quick hanging on standard backdrop holder.

Quadralite Muslin Backdrops are the perfect choice for portraits, group photos, product photography and videos as well.




  • non-reflective, high-quality cotton backdrop for smooth background
  • one-piece construction and edge stitching for high durability
  • equipped with rod pocket for easy hanging
  • easy to clean (hand or machine-washed)




Quadralite Solid Muslin Backdrop


2.85x6 m


Black | Blue | Green | Grey | White



Can be used with

Quadralite Foldable Background Holder L-2800G



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