Quadralite Photo Table L

High-quality portable light table Quadralite Photo Table L is designed both for photography enthusiasts and professionals seeking for a comfy surface for product photography. Acrylic diffuser helps to eliminate unwanted shadows falling on photo subjects. The table's structures consists of clamps and aluminium pipe framework, which make the device light, easy to assemble and transport. Width of the unfolded table is 100 cm. Height and length depends on the adjustable tilt angle. Standard is around 100 cm.

Quadralite Photo Table

Quadralite Photo Table S is a light table of 60 cm width and provides ideal conditions for shooting small objects. Equipped in acrylic tabletop mounted on light, aluminium frame. It can be easily disassembled and packed into a case supplied with the kit. The frame features two universal assembly points for mounting a lamp, a camera or another accessory. Backgorund's tilt angle against the tabletop can be adjusted. Maximum length of the unfolded tabletop is 130 cm.

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