Quadralite AIR 260 is a professional studio tripod. Made of aluminium and equipped with air shock-absorption system. It improves comfort of work. Smooth level adjustment is a big advantage for every photographer.


Quadralite AIR 260 studio tripod is made of three section. Its main adventage is air shock-absorber. It helps smoothly lower the lamp. Tripod is 260cm high when fully elevated. It may be used with any studio flash with standard mount. Tripod is selling with universal mount (1/4" and 3/8"). It may be used with lamps with fitted small and medium size light modifiers.





  • Sturdy and robust all-metal construction.
  • Shock absorber with air cushion in each section.
  • Can be used with wide range of studio flashes and light modifiers.



Model: Quadralite AIR 260
Product type: Stand
Max height: 260cm
Min height: 106cm
Height when folded: 91cm
Diameter when folded: 10cm
Number of sections: 3
Section diameters: 22,5/26/30mm
Shock absorber: air cushion
Construction: metal (aluminum)
Mocowanie: universal
Max. load: 5kg
Weight: 1.8kg



For information about Quadralite warranty and service please visit: Warranty.

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