Quadralite AIR 395 is a professional studio tripod with a max height of 395cm. Thanks to its design AIR 395 is especially recommended for large light modifiers and high power studio flashes.


Quadralite AIR 395 studio tripod is made of four sections with air shock-absorber. It helps smoothly lower the flash with light modifier without the risk of damage. Tripod may be used with any studio flash with standard mount thank's to a universal mount pin(1/4" and 3/8") which is supplied in the kit.



  • Sturdy and robust all-metal construction.
  • Load capacity up to 4kg.
  • Shock absorber with air cushion in each section.
  • Can be used with wide range of studio flashes and light modifiers.



Model: Quadralite AIR 395
Product type: Stand
Max height: 395cm
Min height: 135cm
Height when folded: 118cm
Diameter when folded: 10cm
Number of sections: 4
Shock absorber: air cushion
Construction: metal (aluminium)
Stand mount: universal
Max. load: 4kg
Weight: 2.2kg



For information about Quadralite warranty and service please visit: Warranty.

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