Quadralite Photo tent

Light tent allows for the even illumination of a photographed subject. Provides one of the cheapest and fastest method of shooting expert photos to be displayed on Internet auctions, in online stores, etc. Quadralite light tents are produced from the highest-quality diffusion fabric ensuring stable color temperature and uniform light distribution. The tent is folded into a small supplied cover to facilitate storage and transportation. In addition, the kit includes 4 backgrounds (white, black, blue, red) to better highlight a photo subject and make the shooting display even more alluring.

Quadralite Solid Muslin Backdrops are made from high quality, non-reflective, seamless cotton fabric that create smooth background for photos and videos.

Background Rollers with Chain

The set of two rollers for fixing cardboard and vinyl backgrounds.

Osłona palnika E27

A portable, foldable background holder perfect for a photo studio.

Holder for Paper Background Kit

This background holder allows the mount of rollers with paper backgrounds of various inner diameters.

4HOOK background holder

Quadralite 4HOOK is a holder allowing to mount backgrounds.

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