Quadralite DP-300/DP-600 flash series has been designed for photographers who require lamp that can be used in studio and on the location as well. Most important feature of this series is a possibility to power it up from mains or from battery pack Quadralite DP-6, which is sold separately. Thanks to this Quadralite DP series is a convenient solution in the studio and places without mains.


Flash power of the Quadralite DP may be adjusted smoothly between 1/1 and 1/32 and its color temperature is 5600K. Recycling time for mains powered units is only 1,5 second after full power flash (for Quadralite DP-300). Modellig light comes from 150W halogen bulb and allows to precise evaluation of the light distribution and its character before taking picture. Power of modelling light may be adjusted proportionally to flash power, constant or turned off.


Lamp housing, accessories bayonet mount and the tripod clamp is made of metal, all this guarantee high durability and reliability. Back panel has five clearly marked switches and the adjusting knob for flash power. All this as well as simplicity of used solutions makes this lamp convenient and easy to use. Big handle on the top part of housing helps to adjust angle of the lamp even when big and heavy light modifiers are used.


Quadralite DP has standard sync socket (Jack 6.3mm), for flash synchronization with camera shutter using sync cable or radio trigger. Every Quadralite DP lamp has build in photocell.Thanks to Bowens bayonet all types of light modifiers offered by Quadralite as well as other producers can be used with Quadralite DP lamps.








  • double power supply system – mains or optional DP-6 battery-pack
  • smooth flash adjustment up to 1/32
  • fast recycling speed (approx. 1.5 s with the full flash power and AC power supply)
  • short flash duration 1/1500s (with 1/32 of power, t=0,5)
  • stable flash power and colour temperature (5600K)
  • modelling light with 150W power
  • built-in cooling fan
  • flash triggering through 6,3mm jack connector and the photocell
  • Bowens accessories mount





Quadralite DP-300

Quadralite DP-600

Flash power

300 Ws


Guide number (ISO 100)



Flash color temperature


Flash duration (t=0.5)

1/1500s – 1/800s

Flash recycling time


Flash power adjustment

OFF, 1/1 – 1/32 (300 – 9Ws)

OFF, 1/1 – 1/32 (600 – 18Ws)

Modelling light

Halogen bulb 150W/240V/50Hz

Modelling light control

Stepless, independent or proportional to flash power

Flash triggering

Test button, sync socket, photocell

Wireless controll and triggering

No (Quadralite Navigator is not supported)


Active, built-in fan

Power supply

200~240 V 50Hz 









Kit includes


  • Quadralite DP studio flash
  • 7” reflector
  • modelling light bulb
  • flash bulb cover
  • power cord
  • sync cord
  • instruction manual



DP-6 battery-pack

Quadralite 800 Powerpack

Light modifiers

quadralit navigator kit

quadralite 800 powerpack



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