Quadralite Up! is a light and handy studio flash designed mainly for photography enthusiasts willing to embark on a new adventure in studio photography. They will also come in handy for professionals using more advanced studio equipment.


Quadralite Up! provide a wide range of photographic options. Owing to a built in Bowens bayonet, the flashes may be used with a full range of Quadralite light modifiers. Compact sizes and low weight facilitate operation of flashes in studio environment. Flash output may be adjusted within the range of 5.0 to 7.0 in 20 steps, at 0.1 increments (4EV, 1/1 – 1/16). With the minimum output, the flash duration is only 1/2000s, while charging time equals only 0.3s.


Quadralite Up! flashes are fully compatible with optional Quadralite Navigator remote control system.


Up! 200


Up! 300




  • power adjustment within the range of 5.0 to 7.0 in 20 steps, at 0.1 increments (1/16 – 1/1)
  • colour temperature of the flash 5600K +/-200K
  • short charging times and smoothly adjustable output of the control light
  • slave cell with TTL pre-flash avoiding feature
  • the flash will automatically discharge if the flash output is minimised
  • wireless control option through a separate remote control Quadralite Navigator
  • light and compact housing with the Bowens S mount



Model Up! 200 Up! 200

Flash power

200Ws 300Ws

Guide number ISO 100



Flash color temperature

5600K +/-200K

Flash duration (t=0.1)

1/2000s – 1/800s

Flash recycle time

0.3s – 1.2s

0.3s – 1.5s

Flash energy control

OFF/4 EV 5.0-7.0 (1/16 – 1/1)

Modeling light

150W, E27, Halogen bulb

Modeling light control

smooth, free

Flash sync.

slave cell, Test, sync. Jack 3.5mm, built-in radio trigger socket

Remote control

optional radio remote controller Quadralite Navigator

Power Supply

AC200 - 240V/50Hz




diameter 12.5cm, height 25cm, length 30cm


1,5kg 1,8kg



For information about Quadralite warranty and service please visit: Warranty.

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