Quadralite Frame Reflector is a large reflector that can be very useful both in studio and on location. It offers a very large reflecting surface (100x200cm) that is expand on a light aluminum frame. Thanks to this construction it is easy to operate the screen and to illuminate subject precisely and effectively.




Quadralite Frame Reflector is delivered as a kit in a handy bag together a set of five fabrics:

  • gold – warm, enhanced contrast, great for outdoor shooting especially at dusk or dawn
  • silver – neutral, enhanced contrast, very useful both in studio or on location when you have to disperse hard shadows or add an extra light on the scene
  • white – neutral, softens the light, used to add a soft touch of light on a subject or to reflect light from sun/flash or other light source
  • black – neutral, absorbing, reduces reflections, needed when you have to deepen the shadows or to create a shape on a bright background
  • white/translucent – neutral, diffuses light, softens shadows, indispensable tool when the sun is high and very hard


Quadralite Frame Reflector can be mount on tripod or can stand alone thanks to support that comes with the kit.



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