Quadralite White/Silver Reflector is one of the main tools of every photographer either pro or amateur. Mainly used on location where natural light dominates but also very usefull in studio. It helps to balance light and to direct source of light on model or photographed item. Thanks to different colours of the light bouncing surfaces, we can obtain desire effect in the given situation. Whole set is enclosed in soft pouch. High quality materials used for production ensure long life of the reflector.


Collapsible Reflector 2in1 may have the following reflecting surfaces:

  • white (satin) - allows you to get very diffused and soft light, ideally suited to fill shadows, is color neutral and can be successfully used as a background,
  • silver (mirror) - does not scatter the light like a white screen and allows for contrasting lighting, does not change the color temperature of the light, can be successfully used as both a main and effect light source,
  • gold - is covered with a gold screen that gives a contrasting light much warmer than the silver screen.


Reflector 60cm, 110cm


Reflector 120x180cm


Reflector 95x125, 120x180cm



Gallery Type II*


* Collapsible Reflector Type II may have defects in the form of discoloration and dirt on a white reflecting screen and on a diffusion screen. This defect does not affect the use of the diaphragm.



  • Extremely useful tool both in studio and on location.
  • 2 different reflective surfaces for various applications.
  • High quality fabrics for even light reflection and durability.
  • Small size in folded position.
  • Cover bag included in the set.



Model: Collapsible Reflector 2in1
Construction: Metal frame with textile fabric
Available sizes: 95x125cm, 120x180cm, 60cm (round)



For information about Quadralite warranty and service please visit: Warranty.

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