The Quadralite Bauty Dish has the uniqe shape of a parabolic reflector with a central light diffuser. It is especially recommended for fashion, glamour and beauty photo shoot.


Beauty Dish Silver 42cm, 55cm, 70cm


Beauty Dish White 42cm, 55cm, 70cm



Additional reflector mounted inside the dish dissipates the beam of light comming from the flash tube which is very important especially in commercial and beauty photography. It provides focused light source without a spot in the middle. BD provides a semi-hard light, slightly softer than on-camera flash but harder than softbox. It provides light source where the center is the brightest and the light falls off at the edges.



  • hard reflector with unique shape providing a distinctive, contrasting light profile especially useful for fashion and portrait sessions,
  • available in two versions: white and silver,
  • grids can be installed for better light controll,
  • supplied with white textile diffuser,
  • equipped with Bowens mount type.



Model: Quadralite Beauty Dish
Diameter: 42cm 55cm 70cm
Available versions: milk-white or bright silver milk-white or bright silver milk-white or bright silver


19cm 24cm 24cm


0,5kg 1kg 1,5kg

Mount type:

Bowens Bowens Bowens



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