This honeycomb is designed especially for Flex Beauty Dish softboxes. This is the simplest and most effective way to limit uncontrolled propagation of light across the photographed scene. Grid is an ideal solution when photographer want to have full control over light or/when more contrast is needed.

Grid limits the angle of light propagation to about 40 degrees while not significantly affecting its quality. Thanks to the use of Velcro, it can be easily and quickly attached to softboxes.


Grid for Flex Beauty Dish 65cm



Grid for Flex Beauty Dish 85cm




  • produced for two sizes of Flex Beauty Dish softboxes: 65cm and 85cm,
  • limits the angle of light propagation to about 40 degrees
  • delivers a slight increase in light contrast
  • made of light and durable nylon fabric
  • it can be quickly attached thanks to velcro tapes



Model: Flex Beauty Dish 65cm Flex Beauty Dish 85cm
Product type: Grid for Flex Beauty Dish Softbox
Light spread: Approx. 40°
Diameter: 65cm 85cm
Depth: 4cm
Grid size: 4,5cm x 4,5cm
Fabric: Nylon



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