Quadralite PRO SN-5260 is an optical snoot that allows to precise illumination of objects. Full control over the light is achieved through the use of lens optic. In addition, snoot has a holder for gobo masks. This allows You to transform it into a projection snoot with a very wide field of application.

Six gobo masks have been added to the set, they will allow to do creative lighting effects and significantly increase the possibilities of using the snoot. Another element included in the set are gel filters. While working with them, you will be able to change the color of light (to red, yellow, green and blue – filters can also be mixed with each other to obtain subsequent colors). The effects of gobo masks and filters can be use in any type of studio photography. They will work great in fashion but also in portrait and product photography.

The construction of the snoot allows you to dissipate the heat emitted by the lamp, so that it's possible to work for a long time without fear of overheating. The design of the SN-5260 PRO snoot allows you to work with any type of flash units, as well as with continuous LED light.




Thanks to the Bowens mount, snoot can be connected to many lamps used in the photography and movie – this is currently the most popular standard for attaching studio accessories. At the same time, snoot allows you to mount Canon EF lenses. This popular standard make it possible to use photographic lenses for a projection use. The manufacturer also provided the possibility of purchasing a dedicated Quadralite L-60 projection lens with a focal length of 60mm – it is sold separately (it is not part of the Snoot PRO SN-5260 set)


Additional accessories to be purchased separately:


The most important features of the product:

  • Canon-EF lens mount
  • precise control over the light
  • allows you to get a sharp and directional light
  • heat dissipating structure
  • can work as a projection cap
  • can be used with gobo mask
  • Bowens mount


The sold set includes:

  • optical snoot SN-5260
  • holder for gobo masks
  • 6 gobo masks
  • 4 gel filters



Name Optical Snoot Pro SN-5260
Mount Bowens
Lens mount Canon EF
Construction material Steel, aluminium and optical glass
Length 200mm
Diameter 120mm
Weight 810g
Designation LED Lights, flash units with modeling bulbs, flash units without modeling bulbs



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