The Quadralite L-60 projection lens is designed to work with the SN-5260 optical snoot. The combination of these accessories allows you to precisely illuminate objects on the movie and photographic sets. When working in difficult conditions, thanks to the f2.8 aperture, it allows you to obtain bright light even when using weaker lamps for a more satisfactory result.




Additional accessories to be purchased separately:


The most important features of the product:

  • bright lens optics 2.8
  • Canon EF mount
  • glass-metal construction which is resistant to high temperatures



Name Quadralite L-60
Mount Canon EF
Focal Lenght 60mm
Aperture F 2.8
Lens Angle 38
Focus Manual
Focus range >0.3m - infinity
Construction material Metal and optical glass
Weight 280g
Size >148mm*102mm
Designation Dedicated for optical snoot Quadralite SN-5260 PRO



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