An adaptor used to focus the flash light beam. With the adaptor you can additionally expose a selected fragment of the exposure. The kit also includes templates allowing to obtain interesting light effects. The adaptor is fitted with a Bowens-type mounting to be compatible with a wide range of accessories produced by Quadralite, Bowens and alternative manufacturers.





  • Open construction ensures good ventilation for the flash reflector,
  • Entirely made of metal,
  • Supplied with color filters and a honey-comb,
  • Has a Bowens-type mount.


Kit includes

  • Quadralite SN-5002,
  • honeycomb grid,
  • color filters.



When using Snoot with lamps that do not have active cooling, it is advisable to turn off the modeling bulb so that the lamp and the accessory do not overheat.



Model Snoot SN-5002
Product Type Light modifier with a Bowens mount
Beam angle ~40º
Material Aluminum
Diameter 12cm
Depth 25cm
Weight 210g



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