Quadralite Flex Foldable Beauty-Dish is a versatile light modifier that combines portability, lightweight construction and high quality materials. It can be use as a beauty-dish to deliver dramatic lighting effect ideal for portrait, beauty and fashion photography. However it can be also transformed into a softbox to achieve soft and diffused light wrapping effect on the subject.


Pictures of Quadralite Flex Foldable Beauty-Dish:



Quick and Portable

Quadralite Flex Foldable Beauty-Dish is built on the basis of a quick folding mechanism, therefore it is easy to use and can be prepared for work in a few seconds. One of the biggest disadvantage of a metal beauty-dish is its stiffness and bulkiness. It cannot be folded down into a bag and is hard to carry around and store. Quadralite Flex Foldable Beauty-Dish is designed to deal with these problems. It is light, small when folded and easy to carry inside the supplied bag.



Detachable center diffusion disc is the main reason why this outstanding light modifier is so versatile. This disc is suspended directly above the light source and is working as a deflector that channels the light onto a reflective surface of the shell. It this setup Flex Foldable Beauty-Dish is working just like a traditional metal beauty-dish but without its major drawbacks. However it can be transformed into a full-fledged softbox in a matter of seconds.



Thanks to its spherical profile this light modifier is extremely efficient and portable. Especially in tight spaces, rooms and corridors it delivers the light exactly where you want it. If necessary, it can also be used with a grid (available separately) for better light control.



Outer shell is made from high quality rip-stop nylon fabric for high durability, long lifespan and small weight. Interior is laminated with highly reflective silver film for even light distribution across its surface.


Double diffusion

There are two layers of diffusers made from high quality polyester fabric. This part was carefully picked and tested to ensures proper white balance and color rendition.



Main part of the frame is made of metal. Steel tension rods support the whole structure effectively and keep spherical shape despite lamp tilt. Mount and deflector are made of aluminum.



Flex Foldable Beauty-Dish is equipped with widely used Bowens-type mount, which ensures compatibility with wide range of studio and on-location lights available on the market. Thanks to separately available adapters it can also be used with Broncolor, Profoto and Elinchrome flashes.


Quadralite Flex Foldable Beauty-Dish features:

  • Available in three variants with different diameter: 65, 85 and 105cm
  • Can be used in two ways: as a beauty dish or softbox
  • Octagonal design for circular catchlights – great for portraits, fashion and beauty
  • Fast to fold and easy to carry
  • Equipped with two, detachable diffusion screens
  • Can be used with grids for more contrast and precision lighting
  • Handy carrying bag included in the kit
  • Heavy-duty all metal frame construction
  • Compatible with all lights equipped with Bowens mount (adapters for Profoto, Broncolor and Elinchrome flashes are available separately)


Kit includes:

  • 1x Quadralite Flex Foldable Beauty-Dish
  • 1x Deflector
  • 1x Inner Diffusion Screen
  • 1x Outer Diffusion Screen
  • 1x Bag



Name: Quadralite Flex 65cm Foldable Beauty-Dish Quadralite Flex 85cm Foldable Beauty-Dish Quadralite Flex 105cm Foldable Beauty-Dish
Product type: Foldable Beauty-Dish
Compatible with: Lights equipped with Bowens mount
Diameter: 65cm 85cm 105cm
Depth: 34cm 40cm 47cm
Profile: Spherical
Construction: Quick action
Outer shell Fabric: Nylon Taffeta
Diffuser fabric: Polyester
Frame material: Steel/Aluminum
Diffuser: Double, removable
Grids compatible: Yes
Dimensions when folded
(diamater x lenght):
20x55cm 20x64cm -
Weight: 1100g 1250g -
Weight (incl. bag): Approx. 1380g Approx. 1550g -



For information about Quadralite warranty and service please visit: Warranty.

If you have any questions about our product or warranty please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Quadralite Flex Foldable Beauty-Dish can be used with all Quadralite lights fitted with Bowens mount. It can also be used with various adapters and remote heads such as:

  • Quadralite Reporter 200 Twin Head S-holder
  • Quadralite Reporter S-holder
  • Quadralite Atlas FH1200 Remote Head
  • Quadralite Atlas FH600 Remote Head
  • Quadralite Atlas Pro FH600 Remote Head


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