Quadralite blenda 08

Quadralite Gold/Silver Reflector combines two reflecting screens useful especially in low contrast and low light situations or where a strong light is needed. The gold screen casts a strong and contrasty warm light onto the subject therefore it will be useful to mimic the golden hour look on the pictures. Silver fabric also gives contrast light but without the warm glow and can be used in almost every situation.

Quadralite Frame Reflector Kit

Quadralite Frame Reflector is a large reflector that can be very useful both in studio and on location. It offers a very large reflecting surface (120x200cm) that is expand on a light aluminum frame. Thanks to this construction it is easy to operate the screen and to illuminate subject precisely and effectively.

Collapsible Reflector 2in1

Quadralite White/Silver Reflector is one of the main tools of every photographer either pro or amateur. Mainly used on location where natural light dominates but also very usefull in studio. It helps to balance light and to direct source of light on model or photographed subject.

Quantuum blenda 05

Quadralite Collapsible Reflector 5 in 1 is an ideal tool for light modelling in any conditions, which comes in one, small case. It has five light modifying surfaces allowing to quickly and easily adjust its operation to actual needs.

Blenda dyfuzyjna

Quadralite diffusion reflector is one of the simplest and most useful light modifiers. It is used both inside the photo studio and outdoors. It is useful not only to photographers but also filmmakers regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs.

Reflector Holder L for blends

Professional holder for various types of blends.

Quadralite Spot SN-5000

The Quadralite L-60 projection lens is designed to work with the SN-5260 optical snoot.

Quadralite Spot SN-5000

Quadralite PRO SN-5260 is an optical snoot that allows to precise illumination of objects. Full control over the light is achieved through the use of lens optic. In addition, snoot has a holder for gobo masks. This allows you to transform it into a projection snoot with a very wide field of application.

quantuum spot

Cone-shaped Spot with lens can be used to focus a beam of light that is comming from the flash. It is generally used when a photographer wants only a small part of the subject or scene to be lighten.

Snoot SN-5002 strumienica

An adaptor used to focus the flash light beam. With the adaptor you can additionally expose a selected fragment of the exposure. The kit also includes templates allowing to obtain interesting light effects.

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