Quadralite RGB QLT

Quadralite LED RGB QLTP Pixel is an upgraded series of LED RGB QLT continuous light tubes, commonly referred to as light tubes. The QLTP Pixel lamp series has all the features of QLT lamps, enhanced by the ability to display more than one color at a time. Like its predecessor, the QLTP Pixel lamp features on-set adjustment from a phone or when connected to equipment via the Digital Multiplex Signal (DMX) system.

Quadralite VideoLED 600 Bi-color

Quadralite VideoLED Bi-color is a studio continuous LED lamp, which allows you to control the color temperature in the range between 3200K and 5600K. The lamp is suitable both in photography and in lighting small film sets. It has a Bowens type mount, which allows the use of a very wide selection of available light modifiers.

Quadralite VideoLED - continuous light

Quadralite VideoLED lamp combines advantages of LED lights and studio flashes which allow for the use of different light modifiers. What distinguishes VideoLED is strong and constant light output. With this feature, it can be used not only in photography, but also as an additional light source on film sets.

Quadralite RGB QLT

Quadralite LED RGB QLT is a new series of LED lamps of continuous light, commonly called light tubes. This lighting system is fully compatible with the entire Remote Control System of Quadralite lamps and panels. Thanks to the use of such solutions, QLT can serve as main lights on photographic and film sets, as well as as additional, creative lighting of scenes. Adjustment of each lamp while working on the set is possible from the phone or after connecting to the devices via the Digital Multiplex Signal (DMX) system.

Quadralite SmartStick36

Quadralite RGB SmartStick is a LED light, often also called a lightsaber or light wand. This LED light has an adjustable color temperature between 2800K and 8000K. On top of that, it can produce millions of colors thanks to CCT and HSI modes. SmartStick has a power output of 20W or 36W (depends on the version). Thanks to easy controls, the light can be easily dimmed and the built-in battery allows for use outdoors without any power source.


Quadralite SVL-400 LED 3 light kit is a set aimed at anyone wishing to easily create a complete film or photo studio. This kit includes 3x SVL-400 LEDs, along with tripods and a set of accessories to realize any creative vision.


Quadralite SVL-400 LED PLUS is a complete kit created for every photographer who values quality and mobility. The box contains an extremely lightweight and quiet lamp, based on LEDs.


Quadralite SVL-400 LED is an extremely lightweight and quiet lamp based on LEDs. With 40W power, the device can be easily used not only in photography but also on small film sets.

Quadralite Atlas LED - lampa światła ciągłego z diodami LED

Atlas LED combines advantages of a continuous light solution based on LED, i.e. high efficiency, low working temperature and light quality, with a flexible option to attach a range of light modifiers designed for studio flashes with Bowens mount. Quadralite Atlas LED lamp allows for the easy use of softboxes, snoots and beauty-dish reflectors when recording videos. It is a perfect workshop addition for all people filming with camcorders or DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

PowerPack Lx - kabel zasilający

Quadralite PowerPack Lx is a power cable for Quadralite Thea LED lamps.

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