Quadralite RGB SmartStick 20 is a LED light, often also called a lightsaber or light wand. This LED light has an adjustable color temperature between 2800K and 8000K. On top of that, it can produce millions of colors thanks to CCT and HSI modes. SmartStick has a power output of 20W or 36W (depends on the version). Thanks to easy controls, the light can be easily dimmed and the built-in battery allows for use outdoors without any power source.




Full spectrum of colors

SmartStick can be used in full RGB spectrum allowing for easy achievement of multiple special effects without using any additional gels. Thanks to CCT or HSI modes, you can fine-tune the desired color. GEL mode allows for a choice of predefined gel colors (blue, orange, straw, cyan, green, yellow, red, magenta, pink, lavender).

There are also 10 available special effects: 1. RGB wheel, 2. Lightning, 3. Police, 4. Paparazzi, 5. A broken fluorescent lamp, 6. Fireworks, 7. Pulse, 8. Explosion, 9. TV, 10. Fire.


Controlling other lamps

Quadralite SmartStick can also work in conjunction with other lamps (up to 99), both in Slave and Master mode, in 99 different groups.


Application Quadralite

The Quadralite mobile application is designed for remote control of lighting panels. This significantly increases the convenience and speed of use, making it easier to adjust the lighting in real time. In the application we have the ability to control the color temperature, HSI, as well as a choice of 48 practical color filters and many effect modes, with more personal settings than from the panel on the lamp. The application allows you to simultaneously control multiple Quadralite continuous light lamps in one moment.



The app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices


More about application:


Tripod mount

The lamp has a 1/4 "tripod mount at the bottom, allowing it to be mounted on a lighting or photographic stand, making the work on the set even easier.



Creative opportunities

SmartStick Quadralite is designed for creative use in photography and film. It allows you to achieve many different effects using only one device. This reduces the amount of equipment needed, and also allows the implementation of many creative ideas. It has many modes useful for video productions. The ability to combine it with other lamps and lightsabers can give surprising and very interesting results.



Thanks to the characteristic shape and low weight, the use of lightsabers is very convenient and it isn’t limited only to working in the studio. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh, lamps of this type are ready to work regardless of the power source available. Their transport and outdoor use are therefore super easy. This type of lighting is also very popular with vloggers, also due to the ease of its control.




  • model: Quadralite RGB SmartStick,
  • maximum power: 20W or 36W (depends on the version),
  • color temperature: 2800K-8000K,
  • CRI: 95,
  • TLCI: 95,
  • control: by application, by the panel on the lamp,
  • lux at 1m: 580,
  • smooth power regulation in the range from 0-100%




Kit includes:

  • Quadralite RGB SmartStick 20,
  • user manual,
  • charger,
  • carrying case.



Model SmartStick 20 SmartStick 36
Luminous surface 52*0.5W RGB LED / 192*0.2W W/Y LED 96*0,5W RGB LED / 384*0,2W W/Y LED
Maximum power 20W 36W
Color temperature 2800-8000K 2800-8000K
Lux at 1m 580 980
CRI 95% 95%
TLCI 95% 95%
RGB Lux at 1m R:212 / G:410 / B:80 R:333 / G:654 / B:128
Wireless range >10m >10m
Mode buttons CCT / HSI / GEL / EFX / SET CCT / HSI / GEL / EFX / SET
Master-Slave mode YES YES
Mobile application YES YES
Power supply 2600mAh/16.8V | Built-in battery 2600mAh/16.8V | Built-in battery
Dimensions 50 x 582mm 50 x 982mm
Weight 600g 850g



For information about Quadralite warranty and service please visit: Warranty.

If you have any questions about our product or warranty please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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