Will Quadralite flash work with my camera?

Quadralite flashes are compatible with almost all photo cameras that are equipped with a sync socket and a hot shoe allowing for the installation of speedlite flashes. This group includes almost all small format analog and digital SLR cameras, medium and large format cameras and some mirrorless interchangeable-lens compact cameras (e.g. Olympus PEN, Panasonic Lumix, Sony NEX) and traditional compact cameras (e.g. Canon G.) To find more information on compatibility with studio flashes, please refer to operational manuals supplied with these cameras.

Will Quadralite flash work with a camera running in the auto mode?

To get the full potential of Quadralite flashes, your camera should be set to the manual exposure mode (M). Auto modes such as the exposure time priority (S or T), aperture priority (A) and other automatic program modes will not bring desirable effects with reporter flashes featuring automatic light measurement mode in TTL system. This is because Quadralite studio flashes have a manual flash output adjustment.

How to trigger a studio flash?

The easiest way to trigger a flash and to synchronize it with a camera shutter is to use the sync cord supplied with Quadralite flashes. Plug in one of its ends to the relevant sync socket placed on your  camera body, and connect the second end (a jack plug) to the proper socket on the flash's casing. If your camera does not have a sync socket, you can use other triggering methods, as described in the below section.

How to trigger Quadralite flash without a sync cord?


You can do it using a photocell (slave trigger) which comes with all Quadralite studio flashes. When the photocell is enabled, the flash is triggered just after another flash we use (i.e. the one integrated with your camera) is triggered. So you can wirelessly synchronize your studio flash with the shutter of a camera with the enabled flash function.


If you use a camera without the manual flash control mode, you can come across some difficulties when synchronizing your studio flash with a shutter. This is because a camera operating in the auto mode triggers a measuring pre-flash before the actual exposure. To avoid this, you should use a photocell of a studio flash operating in the pre-flash skip mode. This will enable you to properly synchronize the flash and the shutter.


Quadralite flash manual describes all information on the photocell and the related working modes. For instructions on how to operate your camera flash, please refer to the camera manual.


To ensure the proper flash triggering through the photocell make sure that the triggering flash remains close to the lamp that is triggered and remove any obstructions from the light path. The photocell may not function properly if the flash is placed in a strongly illuminated environment. In such events we recommend to use a sync cord or remote radio triggers, such as Quadralite Navigator.


Can Quadralite flashes be triggered wirelessly?


Yes. Each Quadralite flash comes with a standard sync connector that may be used to connect a wireless trigger with a jack connector.
Additionally, Quadralite Up!/Move/Pulse/Move Pro/Pulse Pro/ Rx400 Ringflashes are fitted with a connector to plug the Quadralite Navigator controller which not only allows for the flash and shutter synchronization, but also for remote control of its work parameters.


Which Quadralite flashes may be operated via the Quadralite Navigator controller?

The Quadralite Navigator system may be fully used with flashes belonging to the below series: Rx400 Ringflash, Pulse, Pulse Pro, Move, Move Pro and Up! flashes and older Quadralite flashes, e.g. S, R, R+, PT, T are not compatible with the Quadralite Navigator controller, but may be triggered wirelessly through a standard sync connector.

Which light adapters may be attached to Quadralite flashes?

All Quadralite flashes are equipped with a widely used Bowens bayonet (unless product description states otherwise). As a result, a wide range of Quadralite accessories and those produced by other manufacturers can be attached to our flashes.

Where can I repair Quadralite flashes?

Quadralite flashes are serviced by F-Service company based in Cracow, which performs warranty and post-warranty repairs and is the only authorized service carrying out warranty repairs of Quadralite flashes. For more information on repairs, please visit the dedicated website of the Service.

Where can I find operational manuals for Quadralite flashes in the electronic format?

The "Operational manuals" website contains a set of PDF manuals for currently manufactured Quadralite flashes and selected models that are not produced.

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