This extremely useful piece of equipment is especially designed for Quadralite Atlas 600 series of flashes. It allows to power Atlas 600 directly from the mains without any additional power converters. Thanks to Atlas AC Adapter you can choose how you prefer to power your flash: from the battery pack (wireless, compact, easy to carry) or trough power cord (stable power source). AC Adapter is fitted with active cooling system, additional ON/OFF switch and an assembly of automatic safety mechanisms (including overheating protection).




  • Constant source of energy for Quadralite Atlas 600 flashes
  • Converts Atlas 600 into AC-DC dual-purpose all-in-one flash
  • Equipped with separate active cooling system and safety mechanisms




Quadralite Atlas AC Adapter

Compatible with:

Quadralite Atlas 600/Atlas 600 TTL


AC 220 – 240V/50Hz

Output voltage:

DC 12V

Output voltage range:

DC11.4 – 12.6V

Output current range:

0 – 20A

Output power:


Working temperature/humidity range:

-10~+40°C/ <90%







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