• Adapters for Octadecagon Para Softbox

    Adapters for Octadecagon Para Softbox

    Quadralite adapters for Octadecagon Para Softboxes were created to use softboxes from the Octadecagon Para series with lamps with Elinchrome and Profoto mounts.

  • Octadecagon Focus Softbox Para

    Plaster miodu do Octadecagon Para Softbox

    Quadralite Octadecagon Focus Softbox Para is a series of modifiers that has a parabolic shape and the ability to quickly change the distance of the mounted light source from the center of the canopy. Thanks to this solution, it allows You to obtain different types of light from one modifier. The use of a focusing rod, which we can set the angle of incidence of light inside the softbox, allows for a very quick change of its type from contrasting to soft. It also allows for precise control over both solid and flash light.

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