Additional Navigator radio receiver intended for Stroboss flashes. The device is equipped with a switch of groups and channels and is powered directly through the radio port in the flash.


Stroboss Navigator is a wireless control and triggering system for Stroboss flashes. It uses wireless transmission (433 MHz) through one of 16 channels. It practically allows for easy, undisturbed and simultaneous operation of one or many flashes. Even from the distance of several dozen meters. You can divide your flashes (up to 16 groups), independently control the flashes, and simultaneously trigger them when the transmitter is mounted on the camera's hot shoe. It allows for flash sync up to 1/250 seconds.



Model: Quadralite Stroboss Navigator reciever
To use with: Stroboss 58C, Stroboss 58N
Type: Additional receiver for Stroboss Navigator system
Range: up to 50m ( in the open field)
Input: 5V (from flash radio socket)
Dimensions: 55x11x29mm
Weight: 11g

Kit includes




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