Additional radio receiver of Navigator X system that has been designed for remote control and triggering of Reporter 180, 360 and Rx400 flashes. Ensures proper flash synchronization, also in the HSS mode, allowing to shoot at fast shutter speeds (up to 1/8000s). Moreover, the receiver enables wireless triggering of Quadralite/Quantuum studio flashes, including Up!, Move, Move Pro, Pulse, Pulse Pro series (up to X-Sync speed of the camera). The receiver can be used with all Navigator X transmitters, including those integrated within Stroboss 60 and Reporter 360 TTL flashes.

Quadralite Navigator X is a wireless remote control and triggering system for studio, mobile and reporter flashes. It is based on radio transmission (2.4 GHz) allowing the operation on one of 16 channels. In practice, it facilitates stable and reliable wireless control over one or many flashes at the same time. Even from the distance of up to 100 meters. The system allows to divide flashes into groups (5 groups and 11 back-ups), to operate them independently, and to trigger them simultaneously.




  • When combined with the Navigator X transmitter, it gives full, wireless manual control over Reporter 180/360 and Rx400 Ringflash flashes (flash power adjustment, synchronization at short exposure times up to 1/8000 s).
  • Can be used as a trigger for Quadralite/Quantuum flashes, including Up!, Move, Move Pro, Pulse Pro series (in line with the x-sync time of a camera).
  • Radio transmission (2.4 GHz) – ensures stable operation over long distances, both in a studio and in the open fields.
  • 16 communication channels and 5 groups – fast configuration and control over many flashes and their groups.




Quadralite Navigator X USB – receiver

To use with:

Reporter 180 i 360, Rx40


Additional receiver for Navigator X system


up to 100m ( in the open field)


5V (from flash radio socket)







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