If you are planning to buy a Reporter 200 lamp and wondering which version to choose, this is a great opportunity to buy the Pro version lamp at the same price and enjoy additional functions.


What is the Reporter 200 Pro TTL flash?

Reporter 200 Pro TTL combines all the advantages of portable speedlites by adding the efficiency and light quality of studio strobes. The flash can be used in both automatic (TTL) and manual (M) modes, and the built-in Navigator X radio system receiver means it can be controlled remotely. Reporter 200 Pro TTL is also a flash that can be adjusted to your needs. It is possible thanks to interchangeable heads that can be used depending on what kind of effects you want to achieve. This light is fully compatible with all available accessories originally designed for Reporter 200 TTL flashes.


Quadralite Reporter 200 Pro TTL taniej o 380zł!


Why is the PRO version worth buying?

Reporter 200 Pro TTL flash, unlike the regular Reporter 200 TTL flash, can achieve up to 500 flashes on a single battery charge. The flash also has 0.6s faster charging time at full power and a shorter flash duration (1/256). In addition, the lamp has a stable color mode, thanks to which, regardless of the power set, the lamp will maintain the color temperature in the range of +/- 100K.


Quadralite Reporter 200 Pro TTL taniej o 380zł!


Product features

  • Integrated Quadralite Navigator X receiver for full wireless flash control,
  • Maximum flash output of 200Ws (J),
  • GN of 52 m (ISO100, A-Type flash head),
  • TTL (automatic), Flexible and precise flash energy adjustment within 8 f-stops from 1/1 to 1/256 in 0.1 f-stop increments,
  • Color temperature consistency through the entire output range (5600K±100K) in Stable Color Mode,
  • High-Speed Sync to 1/8000s,
  • Up to 500 full power flashes with a single battery charge,
  • High-Speed Sync do 1/8000s1,
  • Short recycling times – up to 1.8s on max power output,
  • Extremely short flash duration time of 1/15380s (t0.1, @1/256),
  • Equipped with optical slave and standard sync socket (Jack 3.5mm),
  • Passive cooling,
  • Easy to read hi-contrast LCD screen filled with all major settings,
  • Equipped with Reporter light modifier mount (B-Type head),
  • Weighs only 600g (excluding a head and a battery).


More information about the product with a full specification can be found on the Quadralite website


Quadralite Reporter 200 Pro TTL taniej o 380zł!


Price and availability

The Reporter 200 Pro TTL lamp is available in the official  Quadralite store and in our partner stores. The retail price suggested by the manufacturer is 320,24 €.

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