Quadralite LED Ring Light is an easy-to-use, multi-purpose light source that's perfect for filming, photography, live streams and lifestyle applications. Thanks to the ring-shaped design, you can place your phone or camera in the centre so the light will be perfectly distributed (without any harsh shadows). The Quadralite LED Ring Light emits a full RGB light spectrum that is not only suitable for recording and photography but also for everyday use, such as in beauty salons, allowing you to light the subject attractively and creatively.



The Quadralite LED Ring Light has a built-in diffuser, which emits soft light, allowing you to illuminate object naturally thus avoiding hard shadows. The colour temperature and light strength can be conveniently adjusted using the remote control or the controller built into the power cord. To get unusual effects, you can use multi-colour lighting modes such as colour changing wave, or specific colours from the RGB space (such as turquoise, red, pink, magenta, green and others). Also, the user has up to 26 creative light modes such as radio car lights, flowing rainbow, colour wave and RGB mix, which allow you to get interesting effects.


The Quadralite LED Ring Light can be powered from a standard USB port (type A), which can be found on a laptop, phone charger or powerbank. The kit includes a tripod, which allows you to easily position the light depending on the scene and conditions.


The Quadralite LED Ring Light is available in three sizes at the prices below:

  • Quadralite LED Ring Light 8 inch priced at EUR 27.00,
  • Quadralite LED Ring Light 10 inch priced at EUR 35.00,
  • Quadralite LED Ring Light 12 inch priced at EUR 45.


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