Proper lightning during studio sessions provides unlimited possibilities to create beautiful images, and to paint with light. In the beginning, the number of settings can get overwhelming, so if you want to learn more and begin your journey with studio photography we would like to invite you for our free webinar. We will explain the use of different lights and modifications. The webinar will also cover: how to work with the model, backdrop choice, or make-up.


During the webinar you will learn:

  • how to plan the shoot,
  • usage of different modifiers, to achieve desired results,
  • setting up your model to work well with light and camera,
  • proper settings both for camera and light.



Maja Kupidura - she has been around photography since early childhood. Her passion was passed down from her parents, who teach photography. Since her son was born, she dived into children’s photography, which was quickly noticed and praised. Right now Maja does portrait photography, buduoir, and fine art. She has her own studio, where she teaches and creates amazing photoshoots.



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