Quadralite Thea RGB PRO SOFTBOX is a modifier designed for the Quadralite Thea RGB PRO lamp. An accessory is the possible diffusion of light to soften.

Quadralite Thea RGB PRO Barndoors is a modifier designed for the Quadralite Thea RGB PRO lamp. The accessory allows you to direct the light.

The Quadralite Thea 450 LED Panel Kit is a professional lighting set ready to use in the studio straight out of the box. A set of two powerful LED panels can be placed on tripods with a maximum height of 195cm so you’ll be able to create a fully professional studio even in a small space.

Quadralite power supply for Thea LED 150, 160, 450 and RGB 150.

Carrying bag for Quadralite Thea LED lamps.

Quadralite LH-40 LED Light Shed Kit

Quadralite Light Shed Kits includes a basic sets of lamps and accessories designed for nearly shadow-free lighting. This kit is the best solution for those who need to obtain high-quality images for online stores with ease. The lamps generate constant light with the output of 25W (equiv. of ~250W halogen bulb) and stable color temperature of 5400K that corresponds to the daylight white balance setting. As a result the subjects feature accurately rendered colors.

Quadralite LEDTuber Lighting Kit - Continuous Light Studio Kit

Quadralite LEDTuber Lighting Kit is made to meet the requirements of creators focused on video content who seek a complex solution for lighting in their home studio.

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