Quadralite VideoLED 600 Zestaw

This set is the perfect solution for beginner photographers and filmmakers, who crave to start their journey with artificial lighting. One investment, which covers the basic needs to move to action immediately! Put the lamp on the new Verso 190 Alu light stand, turn on the power and get those great shots! VideoLED 600 lamps can also be the perfect alternative to flash – making the beginner photographer's work much easier, giving the possibility to preview the exposure in the camera while taking the photo.

Quadralite Thea RGB PRO SOFTBOX is a modifier designed for the Quadralite Thea RGB PRO lamp. An accessory is the possible diffusion of light to soften.

Quadralite Thea RGB PRO Barndoors is a modifier designed for the Quadralite Thea RGB PRO lamp. The accessory allows you to direct the light.

The Quadralite Thea 450 LED Panel Kit is a professional lighting set ready to use in the studio straight out of the box. A set of two powerful LED panels can be placed on tripods with a maximum height of 195cm so you’ll be able to create a fully professional studio even in a small space.

Quadralite power supply for Thea LED 150, 160, 450 and RGB 150.

Carrying bag for Quadralite Thea LED lamps.

Quadralite LH-40 LED Light Shed Kit

Quadralite Light Shed Kits includes a basic sets of lamps and accessories designed for nearly shadow-free lighting. This kit is the best solution for those who need to obtain high-quality images for online stores with ease. The lamps generate constant light with the output of 25W (equiv. of ~250W halogen bulb) and stable color temperature of 5400K that corresponds to the daylight white balance setting. As a result the subjects feature accurately rendered colors.

Quadralite LEDTuber Lighting Kit - Continuous Light Studio Kit

Quadralite LEDTuber Lighting Kit is made to meet the requirements of creators focused on video content who seek a complex solution for lighting in their home studio.


Quadralite Sparkle is a compact, battery powered LED lamp, designed for mobile use.

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