Would you like to start your adventure with macro photography, but you do not know where to start? That's great! We have prepared a set of 4 ideas for creative macro photography using Quadralite MiLED panels and an Irix 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 lens


Thank you to all the participants for sending their works! We invite you to read the results and the winners of the competition for the best photos.


Quadralite is starting with new competition - Funny Wedding Photography. Send us photos taken during the wedding ceremony and win one of 3 great material prizes.


9-10.02.20 The Quadralite brand will participate in WedCamp 4, where it will present its latest solutions proposed for use in wedding photography.

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Join our power supply giveaway! Get an extra battery when buying the Stroboss 36 evo camera flash with the Navigator X transmitter

Photography workshop in Milan with
Quadralite Ambassador Raffaele Ingegno

We are happy to announce that for the first time #QuadraliteTeam will go to Italy to participate in outstanding and unique workshop hosted by our incredibly talented Ambassador Raffaele Ingegno! During two days (13th and 14th of April) participants will have a chance to work and learn in the Raffaels Studio Columella1 located in Milan. This amazing event is possible thanks to the contribution of our local dealer FotoColombo.it.

Raffaele Ingegno is a Quadralite Ambassador from Italy, and he claims to be the last of his generation that learned photography without the use of information technology! Here, in a personal article, he discusses his experiments with light and shadow, including Italian models wearing nothing more than shade and illumination!

David karvay - Winter sport photography - tips & interview

David Karvay is a freelance photographer from Czech Republic, now based in Oxfordshire, England. His main field in photography are sports, portraits combined with lifestyle photography. He joined the Quadralite Team in 2018 and became Brand Official Ambassador! Here are some tips for begginers and a look at how a sports photographer is managing his gear in the Winter time!

Winners announced!

Over 600 photos were send, but the Jury chose only three. The #QuadralitePortraitContest brings high quality, beautiful photographs, showing that portrait photography is one of the most difficult fields in photography bussiness to manage. Here are the results and our winners!

 Quadralite Portrait Contest

The Quadralite portrait photography contest, launched on February 1st is a great opportunity not only to show off your skills, but also to learn something new. Our Ambassador Arcadius Mauritz will not only be the chairman of the competition Jury. The first prize is an individual portfolio tutorship with one of the best portrait photographers in our country, the Jugde himself. The winners will be selected by a Jury composed of Fotopolis.pl platform representative and Quadralite Brand Manager. The Fotopolis.pl editorial board covers the contest with its media patronage and the winners' photos will be published on its pages.


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