Reporter 200 TTL Round Flash Head

This head is dedicated for Reporter 200 TTL flash and designed to deliver pleasing light pattern and natural fall-off when used with no additional light modifier. All this is achieved by usage of spiral shape flashtube and parabolic reflector topped with white translucent diffuser.

Reporter 200 TTL Extension Flash Head

This extension head is dedicated for Reporter 200 TTL flash. Main purpose of this product is to add more flexibility in flash set-up and increase comfort of work with any sort of boom stands, rigs, arms and camera attachments designed to support flashes and other add-on’s.

Reporter 200 Twin Head S-holder

The S Twin Twin Head is a flash head that allows the simultaneous use of two Reporter 200 TTL lamps. After connecting them to the head, these two flashlights transform into one device with a maximum flash energy of 400 Ws. The S Twin Twin Head can also be used with one Reporter 200 TTL lamp body only when needed.

Reporter 200 TTL C-type LED Head

Special head dedicated to the Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL flash. Thanks to it, the flash can be used as a continuous light source, which is useful when making video films that often accompany a photo session. The head is equipped with 60 LEDs with a total maximum power of 3.6W providing high quality light (CRI >96.).

Reporter 200 TTL B-type Head

The Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL type B head is the "B" flash head for the Reporter 200 TTL lamp. It is equipped with a bayonet light modifier from the Reporter series. It allows the use of a replaceable flash burner that provides the highest quality of light and effectively uses even the largest softboxes and reflector.

Reporter 200 TTL A-type Head

A-type flash head for Quadralite Reporter 200 TTL. Is characterised by small size and weight. It is equipped with a non-replaceable flash burner and a fresnel lens that provides an angle of light distribution of around 60⁰ (equivalent to the 35mm field of view lens).

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