Stroboss VC-18 is a charger for Stroboss VB-18 batteries.



The charger can be powered through electric mains or car lighter socket with the use of Stroboss VV-18 adapter (available separately). VC-18 charger powered through the electrical network charges the VB-18 battery within 2,5 hours. If the charger is connected to the car lighter socket, the charging time extends to approx. 4 hours.



Model: Quadralite Stroboss VC-18
Type: Charger for Stroboss VB-18 batteries
Charging time AC ~2.5h
Charging time DC ~4h
Input AC: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.3A
Output: 12.6V/0.85A
Dimensions: 63x98x28mm
Weight: 100g



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