C-stand 290

Quadralite Foldable Round Softbox 30cm is a very useful and compact solution for softening flash light. The 30cm diameter foldable softbox is mounted on the flash unit by the straps at the top of the reporter flash. Using this accessory, you will obtain soft and vivid light, which will be suitable for both outdoor and studio.

Mini statyw do MiLED

Quadralite M-9 is a holder allowing to mount the studio flash to a tripod. Is equipped with universal tripod mount which allows to use it with almost all studio tripods.

Quadralite stroboss vc-18 charger

Stroboss VC-18 is a charger for Stroboss VB-18 batteries.

Quadralite Parrot is an all-round bundle of color photogels which will make the light on your photography more defined, diverse and unique. Our filters are made of the high-quality polyester film that is covered with the colorant during the lamination process. This ensures the highest parameters in terms of light transmission, and gives uniform distribution of the color layer over the filter's surface.

Quadralite stroboss vv-18 car charger adapter

Genesis Stroboss VV-18 is an adapter intended for VC-18 battery charger. You can plug the charger into car lighter socket, and charge Stroboss VB-18 batteries through a car battery.

Quadralite M-11 holder for umbrella

Quadralite M-11 is a holder allowing to moung the umbrella to studio lamps.

Stroboss 36evo - charger

Stroboss 36evo - dedicated charger for Stroboss VB-20 batteries. The charger can be powered from the mains, which charges the discharged VB-20 battery to its maximum capacity in about 2.5 hours.

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