Quadralite Verso 190 AL is a tripod made of aluminum, similar to its lighter version Quadralite Verso 200 CF Stand. It also complements the Quadralite Air tripods line, which is characterized by classic design. Thanks to its compact size, the Verso 190 AL is an ideal tool for photographers who often work outdoors with portable flashes. The Verso 190 AL will be the perfect stand for Quadralite Stroboss or Reporter 200 TTL / 360 TTL flashes.






The four-section design of the Verso 190 AL means that when folded, the tripod is only 51 cm long, so taking with you even several pieces, will not be a problem.



Small dimensions after packing do not negatively affect the use of the Verso 190 AL. When unfolded, it reaches a height of 190 cm, which gives a lot of possibilities in terms of positioning the lamps. The tripod legs can also be folded completely flat, which increases stability and facilitates the use of additional loads, e.g. sandbags. The flash mount is non-replaceable and has a standard 1/4 "and 3/8" screw. Lamps and accessories not exceeding 1 kg can be attached to the tripod.



  • light (1.43 kg) and compact tripod made of aluminum,
  • designed especially for portable lamps,
  • stable and reliable,
  • four-section central column made of aluminum,
  • equipped with two threaded mounting points 1/4” and 3/8”.



Model Quadralite Verso 190 AL Stand
Product type Flash stand
Compatible with Speedlites
Max height 190cm
Min height 50cm
Length when folded 51cm
Sections 4
Leg diameter n/a
Stud size n/a
Mounting points 1/4” and 3/8”
Footprint 50 cm
Max load 1 kg
Material Aluminium
Weight 1043g



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