Quantuum Up 400 KitThis studio kit comprising two Quadralite Up! 200 flashes with the power output of 200 Ws, two 200 cm tripods and two white transparent umbrellas. With this set of equipment you will be able to easily take striking images and taste the studio photography.

Quadralite Up 600 KitThis Kit comprises two Quadralite Up! flashes with output of 300Ws. Moreover, instead of the standard umbrella, the user receives a diffuser umbrella which combines ease and speed of use of a standard umbrella with features of a classical softbox.

Quadralite Up 700 KitThis is the most advanced package in the series of Quadralite Up! Kits. It comprises three flash lights: two Quadralite Up! 200 and one Quadralite Up! 300. With the larger number of flashes you can easily diversify the quality of light falling on the photographed subject. More importantly, you will be also able to use the 60x60cm softbox and barn door with a grid and colour filters. Owing to such selection of light modifiers, Quadralite Up! 700 Kit is an ideal solution for portrait and product sessions.

Quadralite Move X 300 Kit

The most sophisticated and comprehensive Move X Kit is composed for beginners and professional photographers as well. This setup contains two 400Ws studio lights equipped with Navigator X wireless system together with a full set of basic light modifiers: softbox, silver umbrella, snoot and barndoor set (color gels and grid included). All of this can be packed into Quadralite Move rolling case (included As well!) and easily carry around or stowed.

Quadralite Move X 300 Kit

This two-light setup is made to be used as a basic studio kit for portrait photography. Thanks to included 60x90cm softbox you can achieve very soft and smooth light which is so desired in portraits. Move X 300 Kit also features two 200cm studio stands and silver umbrella.

Quadralite Move X 200 Kit

A complete two-light flash kit that is composed for photographers who want to start their studio photography adventure. Move X 200 Kit features two 200Ws flashes, two 200cm studio stands, silver umbrella and umbrella softbox.

Quadralite Move 300 kit

Quadralite Move 300 Kit has been designed for photographers who started their studio photography adenture. Kit lets or reasonable money build little home studio, excellent for portrait and product photography. Quadralite Move 300 Kit contains two Quadralite Move 300 lamps with studio stands, umbrella softbox and photographic umbrella.

quantuum move 400 kit

Quadralite Move 400 Kit has been designed for photographers using either professional studio or buliding home studio. Kit lets for reasonable money build little home studio, excellent for portrait and product photography. Quadralite Move 400 Kit contains two Quadralite Move 400 lamps with studio stands, softbox, photographic umbrella, snoot, barn doors with color gels and professional Quantuum bag for lights.

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