Quadralite Fresnel Lens Kit

Quadralite Fresnel Lens Kit is a kit designed for anyone who wants to expand the capabilities of not just the Quadralite VideoLED continuous light, but also other lights equipped with a compatible mounting system.


C-stand 320

A light-softening diffuser designed to work with the Quadralite SVL-400 lamp. Thanks to the universal Bowens mounting, it can also be used with other low-power continuous LED lamps. In the case of lamps with exposed diodes, the diffuser helps protect them against mechanical damage and splashes.


Quadralite reflector with a diameter of 18 cm and a depth of 11 cm was created for use with Quadralite studio and outdoor lamps as well as lamps from other brands equipped with the popular Bowens mount.

Quadralite Beauty Dish The Quadralite Bauty Dish has the uniqe shape of a parabolic reflector with a central light diffuser. It is especially recommended for fashion, glamour and beauty photo shoot.

Wave Beauty Dish

Wave is a modifier that gives a very vivid, contrasting light while subtly filling the shadows. Unlike the standard beauty dish, the Wave is more delicate but has all the features of this type of light modifier. It delivers directional, crisp and contrast light ideal for any kind of fashion, beauty or even portrait shoots.

Quantuum Reflector 45cm 03

Quadralite Reflector 45cm is a parabolic shape reflector with the light spread of approx. 60º

Quantuum Reflector 18cm 01

Quadralite Reflector 18 cm is a standard light modifier with a wide light spread of approx. 75º which produces a strong and contrasty light. Reflector can be used together with umbrellas, barn-doors and grids.

quantuum background reflector

Thanks to its specially designed shape background reflector allows to illuminate background without afecting foreground. It has standard mount type Bowens, it fits on every Quadralite lamp and every lamp with Bowens fit. White inside of the reflector guarantee corect distribution of the light. Background reflector has additional clips for color filters.

Quadralite Spot SN-5000

The Quadralite Lantern Softbox was created to create even, soft and natural lighting on wide film and photography sets. The spherical shape of the canopy, allows the light to be dispersed at an angle of 270°, which minimizes the number of lamps used on set. The compact size of the softbox allows it to be used in small and tight spaces.

Plaster miodu do Octadecagon Para Softbox

Quadralite Octadecagon Focus Softbox Para is a series of modifiers that has a parabolic shape and the ability to quickly change the distance of the mounted light source from the center of the canopy. Thanks to this solution, it allows You to obtain different types of light from one modifier. The use of a focusing rod, which we can set the angle of incidence of light inside the softbox, allows for a very quick change of its type from contrasting to soft. It also allows for precise control over both solid and flash light.

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