Adapters for Octadecagon Para Softbox

Quadralite adapters for Octadecagon Para Softboxes were created to use softboxes from the Octadecagon Para series with lamps with Elinchrome and Profoto mounts.

Quadralite Softbox Speedring

This adapter allows you to mount Quadralite softboxes onto your Profoto, Broncolor or Elinhrom studio strobe. It easily replaces the original Bowens mount used in our softboxes and expands it’s compatibility with various flashes made by other manufacturers.

Quadralite Wave Beauty Dish Speedring

Wave Beauty Dish Speedring allows the assembly of Wave Beauty Dish Quadralite for lamps without a Bowens type bayonet. This adapter replaces the original mount used in our Wave Beauty Dish and extends their compatibility to Profoto, Elinchrome or Broncolor lamps (depending on the version).

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